Do you give Personal Loans?

Yes. We do give Personal Loans. These are given based on your income, and value of security.

If I have completed part of my facility and need additional funds for another project or use, can I apply for another facility?

Yes. We offer a Top Up Service, you may apply to Top Up on your existing facility, if you have paid off more than 50% of your Current Facility. The process for approval and disbursement usually takes 24hours.

Do I have to park my car as security?

No, you do not need to park your car, instead you remain with it for the entirety of the facility. We only require your car for valuation and administrative purposes. 

How long does it take to get a facility?

36 – 72 hours. Our dedicated team is able to process a facility very quickly due to our established procedures and processes.  

What are your charges?

Our one-off Admin fee is K1,700 (K700 can be deducted from the facility). There are no other hidden fees.  

Do you give loans to employees?

We do give loans to employees under an Employee Scheme with Employers. For more information on our Employee Schemes, please contact us directly.

Do you accept Household Goods as security?

Yes. Along with property and vehicle’s we accept certain forms of household goods such as electronics, phones; laptops, TVs and White goods.

If I have an existing loan somewhere else can you refinance it at a better rate?

Yes. We allow for refinancing and consolidation of existing loans.  

Are your rates negotiable?

Our rates are set, however we do give rate discounts on your 2nd and 3rd facilities.  

What are your charges? Am I still eligible for a facility if I have bad credit or not all my transactions go through my bank account?

Yes. As a Business focused lender we do a full Business Evaluation, and request potential clients to submit additional proof of income such as invoices, receipts and mobile money statements to help support their application.