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Equity Release

Equity Release is a means of retaining use of your house or vehicle which has capital value, while also obtaining a lump sum or a steady stream of income, using the value of the house or other collateral, i.e vehicles.

Business Finance

We provide a variety of asset finance across several industries. Our facilities are tailor made to suit your business expansion plans or particular projects.

Often businesses have challenges with repayments of existing facilities; have sudden payments such as Tax Obligations; or incur general expenses that they did not budget for. We are able to review your current obligations and provide a facility more suited to your needs, this may include us consolidating your existing finances to enable you to manage your obligations under one roof. The aim of this method is to lower the amount you are paying and where necessary extend the time required to pay.

We have great experience in financing private and public sector tenders. Our ability to understand our client’s needs and the party they are contracting with allows us to put to together facilities that allow for delayed settlement, and quick re-financing should additional orders require funding.

Personal Finance

Whether it be for School Fees or for Home Improvements, we offer individual loans at competitive rates.


We provide a variety of Payroll solutions to employers. This means us lending to your employees in sustainable way and giving you the freedom apply such funds elsewhere and keeping your employees happy at the same time.


Our Vision

Richmond’s vision of the future is a business driven network of clients across Southern Africa being able to access business finance, loans or other quasi-debentures instantly in order to settle immediate obligations, expand the business or develop their own entities to an end of wealth creation for our clients and the wider community as whole.

Mission Statement

Building sustainable and long term relationships with our clients in order to create wealth and development in service of the greater economy.


At Richmond our aim has always been to provide responsible financial services to enable economic growth and progress.

Our core business is centered on secured lending to a variety of institutions focusing on:

  • Business Expansion
  • Consolidation of Existing Loans
  • Public and Private sector tenders
  • Individual Loans and Payroll Lending

With a wealth of experience we provide financing to our clients to help with general working capital, payroll expenses and expansion projects.

Our Personal Finance is centered around responsible lending by evaluating our clients potential.

Business Lending

Traditionally, when the owners of medium businesses need to borrow money, they turn to the banks. However, applying for a loan from the bank can be tough. Lending criteria have become much stricter and many business owners struggle to get their application approved. This has left Medium Sized Business owners unable to access the vital funds needed to grow and succeed further.

Bank Loans Can Be Inflexible

Another issue with these borrowing methods is that they tend to carry inflexible repayment terms. The loans usually need to be paid back monthly, which can be difficult for business owners as it damages their cash flow. It can also be hard to save for a large sum, especially during times when the business is naturally quieter.

The Growth of Alternative Business Finance

Banks often charge high administration and processing fees, their strict payment regimes and long processing procedures have lowered banking expectations and many business owners have become deterred from trying to get a loan because they are worried that it would either affect their credit history or waste their time.

Luckily alternative business finance was created, which provides business owners with a much more accessible way to lend money. Year on year it is becoming a more popular and sought after option for business owners.

Choose Finance with Richmond

Richmond is one of the leading providers of alternative business finance, and we strive to help business owners from a variety of industries access the funds they need to grow and thrive.

To acquire funds from Richmond, you don’t have to fill out lots of paperwork, wait months for a reply or present a business case – it is designed for use as a fast, short term option to improve your business. You can even access further funds to support your continued growth if necessary. A large percentage of our customers choose to do this and come back to us time and time again when they have exciting plans.

We know that it’s important for businesses to be able to access funds quickly and easily, so we try and make the whole process simple and fast. Furthermore our flexible repayment terms put you in the driving seat when it comes to servicing your loan.




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