Asset Finance for Projects and Business Expansions

We provide a variety of asset finance across several industries. Our facilities are tailor made to suit your business expansion plans or particular projects. For example if your a business that rents/leases vehicles for business purposes but does not have the capital to purchase these vehicles outright. We offer suitable vehicle finance for your business where we purchase the vehicle and instead of making rental/lease payments you instead pay us on a flexible payment plan resulting in your business owning the vehicles in the immdiate future.

Consolidation of Existing Loans and Emergency Relief

Often businesses have challenges with repayments of existing facilities; have sudden payments such as Tax Obligations; or incur general expenses that they did not budget for. We are able to review your current obligations and provide a facility more suited to your needs, this may include us consolidating your existing finances to enable you to manage your obligations under one roof. The aim of this method is to lower the amount you are paying and where necessary extend the time required to pay.

Financing public and private sector tenders

We have great experience in financing private and public sector tenders. Our ability to understand our clients needs and the party they are contracting with allows us to put to together facilities that allow for delayed settlement, and quick refinancing should additional orders require funding.